Blood Orange Water

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Blood Orange Water

Farmer Steve’s delivery today included some blood oranges. Oh, and they were sweet too!

While we always enjoy slicing up and simply eating Farmer Steve’s oranges, today, we did something different: Blood Orange Water.

It’s not really a hard recipe… One takes a blood orange and slices it in 1/8th-inch slices, then adds it to some water. In our case we took a 2-inch diameter blood orange, cut it in 1/8th-inch slices and then added half each into two 24oz mason jars.

Why would you want to drink this? Blood Orange is very high in Vitamin C. Also, once you drink your water, you can actually eat the slices whole – peel and everything! The peel and the white “fuzz” is actually what hold most of the nutrients. Also a good source of fiber, Vitamin A and Calcium.


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This Is Your Flu Shot

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This Is Your Flu Shot

With people left and right getting various forms of colds and strands of the flu, it makes sense for us to look for ways to avoid it. There are many home remedies and techniques that people swear by and this is one them. Farmer Steve hands me a tangerine to sample and says, “this is your flu shot.” Farmer Steve happens to have a lot of different citrus fruits grown in San Diego and adds various kinds to the CSA boxes.

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This week, we got limes, oranges, and grapefruit – yum!

appetizing citrus clementines

It’s true what they say – “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – because one of the best ways to fight colds and strands of the flu is Vitamin C… and citrus fruits are full of it! In fact, one of the places that many people miss is that white fuzz that goes around the fruit after you peel it. Researchers have found that this is where you’ll find more of this awesome vitamin than you’d expect.

peeled tangerine

So next time you’re peeling an orange, remember to keep some of that white fuzz on there and keep the doctor away!


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